New again: Zawiya Mohd Thani and her sons Mohamad Shafri (left) and Mohamad Ishman filling old cookie jars which have been creatively embellished for the festivity. Reusing old jars is one of Zawiya's many efforts to celebrate Hari Raya in a green way. - NORAFFI EHSAN/The Star
Recipe feature shoot for Sunday Star2 at The Apartment. RAYMOND OOI/ The Star
The dining tables and chairs in the Little White Cafe in Bangi, Selangor, are all second-hand items.
In spite of the scenic views in their home country, Finns are among Europe's top international travelers. - Photo from AFP

Adhering to the 3Rs for Raya

Longing for lontong: Chef J. Jay keeps his mum's tastes cooking

Green, for good

Nordic people are Europe's top travellers


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