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Soaring ambitions: Aerotree Group of Companies executive chairman Datuk Norida Hamzah (left) with group managing director Major (R) Datuk Halim Othman with the Krisakti aerobatic aircraft at the company’s hangar in Subang.

Company’s work helps hone skills of RMAF pilots

18 September 2014

What began as a boyhood dream of flying among the best of the best in the skies for Major (R) Datuk Halim Othman led him to found the Aerotree Group of Companies to provide training, maintenance and charter services to Malaysia’s air force, navy and army.

Sanjitpaalâ¿TMs passion and eye for a good picture landed him several awards and a sponsorship from Olympus.

Late career switch pays off for two photography fans

17 September 2014

Derived from the Greek words photos (light) and graphein (to draw), photography has come a long way since 1829 when its first modern process was invented.

Redl has been the brand ambassador for Edox since 2011

Diver to attempt polar freedives

17 September 2014

EDOX watches have gaineda reputation in the realm of extreme sports and this is the reason one of the company’s timepieces will be used by Austrian professional freediver Christian Redl in some of his most challenging dives to date.

A peek behind the scenes at the complexity required for Tissot to perform timekeeping at sports events.

Swiss company maintains close ties with sports

17 September 2014

For many years, Tissot has been the timing partner for a multitude of major sports among which are MotoGP, ice hockey, cycling, the International Basketball Association games and the Fencing World Championships.

Precursor: The Apple Newton, released in the early 1990s, was considered a failure, but this did not stop the company from becoming a major force in 
tablet devices today.

How to fail your way to success

16 September 2014

IN business, failures sometimes occur.

A file image of Firdaus Mohamad, 19 (left) and Azwan Radhi, 19, of Terengganu demonstrating traditional methods of wood carving with mallets and chisels.

Modernising a traditional craft

16 September 2014

Wood carvings have traditionally been the expertise of artisanal wood carvers who skillfully etch lines into blocks of wood to make beautiful objects.

Roughly 3% of Malaysian SMEs are involved in the construction industry.

Efforts being taken to encourage entrepreneurism

15 September 2014

SMALL AND medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Malaysian economy, accounting for more than 90% of all businesses in the manufacturing, services and the agricultural sector, and provide for 65% of total employment, according to government statistics.

Sally Foo: I'm a chiropractor, not a miracle healer. I show my patients how to look after themselves better and to make positive improvements in their lives/

Malaysian-born chiropractor finds success in Melbourne

15 September 2014

MEETING someone you instantly click with at every level is uncommon.

An X-ray inspection of the Hypoband's components for defects. By working with outsourcing company's Geoffrey greatly reduced the capital required to start his company.

Penang company enters a field dominated by tech giants

13 September 2014

Everyone knows that neccesity is the mother of invention, but in the case of Geoffrey Tan, founder and CEO of Geob International Sdn Bhd, the proverb was turned on its head as his mother literally was the driving force behind the device he created.

Luminox international sales manager Martin Grossenbacher was in Kuala Lumpur for the launch of the exhibition and the new range of watches.

Watch company launches space models

13 September 2014

Luminox has launched its new Space Series collection in partnership with the XCOR Space Expeditions, a US rocket engine and spaceflight development company.

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